The term ‘creativity’ was first introduced by an American psychologist Joy Paul Guilford in the middle of the 20th century. He believed that the basis of creative abilities is a divergent or multi-directional way of thinking. Steve Jobs also defined creativity as an ability to build interconnections.

In general, creativity is a faculty expressed in a unique way to produce something new and original. On the one hand, this word involves an action associated with determining human efforts. On the other hand, it implies complete freedom and absence of any patterns when doing something.

Thanks to creativity, essay writers can present their thoughts on paper in a more convincing way, as they are able to generate better arguments and send significant messages. Creativity allows sharing personal experience and impressions. Scientists claim that creative skills can be developed in many ways, including writing class papers.

What Does Creative Approach Mean?

According to many online writing services, this approach involves more than just presenting some information. We use our imagination to express our emotions, create original statements, or use well-known ideas in a new way. Creative writing expands the scope of writing functional texts, such as academic essays.

When you work with a text, a creative approach helps revitalize a dry informational style adopted by most writing services. You can reflect on paper how you understand and see the surrounding world. Writing essays in a creative way allows you to convey your feelings and describe what happened to you using words.

Also, creativity can be a valuable tool for personal development in other areas of life. For example, this is a good way to learn your strengths and weaknesses better. Since the creative approach is so different from other writing styles, it enhances your understanding of the language and makes you use it differently.

How to Improve Creativity When Writing?

The ability to write creatively suggests specific criteria. What rules are worth knowing for writing original texts that readers will best understand and appreciate?

1. Strive for Visibility and Engage the Reader in a Dialogue

We perceive more than 80% of information through vision. Understanding comes as a result of what we can see and feel. Many psychologists believe that readers understand and remember the material much better when it is presented with specific expressions, enabling the formation of visual images. It is also essential to talk friendly with the reader.
Many authors are trying to impress others with sophisticated phrases. However, numerous studies show that the effect is most often the opposite. Simple words easily processed by our brain are more likely to be perceived as truth than vague concepts. Steven Pinker once wrote: “Classic writing, with its assumption of equality between writer and reader, makes the reader feel like a genius.”

So, writers should position themselves equal to their readers. If you get smart and write your essay like a teacher, the reader may feel foolish or even get angry with you. Imagine that you are telling a close person who is as smart as you about something unknown. Any online essay service can confirm that the intention of making your text easy to read will make your text clear and concise. Also, this simple approach can take your writing to the next level.

2. Do Not Hide the Main Idea

Tell the reader right away what your main idea is. Readers need a foothold to follow your thoughts. People can think through the details and read between the lines. It means that they rely on their background knowledge to understand your text.

If readers do not understand what kind of knowledge to apply, any fragment of your writing will be perceived as too streamlined, superficial, and incomprehensible for them. Starting with the first lines, the author should help the reader understand what the topic and the essence of your work are.

Considering tons of information that falls on average Internet users every day, writers have no right to confuse and force them to solve puzzles. If you want to inspire readers for conscious changes following your example, do not demonstrate wisdom, just tell your story.

Perhaps, you think this will kill the intrigue. But intrigue is nothing if people do not understand what you are talking about in your copy. Most probably, they will quit reading it after the very first paragraph. So, stay sincere, simple, and clear.

3. No Necessity to Always Follow the Rules

We all know people who like to get hung up on others’ words. Does following all the rules make the text better? Sure, rules matter, but some creative deviations also can be pertinent. Languages can and should change, and that is great. A good writer knows the grammar rules but realizes how admissible it is to break them.

When writing skills are mastered, and the process is straightforward, a proper improvisation may take place. However, any fast essay writing service will not recommend novice authors to get involved in the search for original forms. Of course, if you really want it, why not try?

4. Best Texts Appear After Editing

A good writer is not the one whose texts are immediately born perfect, but a person who spends a lot of time honing them. Usually, ideas do not come to you in the best form to then be shared with other people. Very few people are talented enough to not only present plausible arguments but also formulate them in clear words.

Most authors need to work thoroughly on their texts to achieve perfection. Writing a good copy involves revising and rearranging thoughts so that the reader can easily follow them. The readers will try on the circumstances and the author’s way of thinking. Such a text involves the audience in the process of comprehension.

Summing Up

To get an easy-to-read text, you need to apply a personal approach with emotions, thoughts, doubts, and stories. A thinking and developing person should be visible behind the essay lines. A constant process of writing essays can become a kind of simulator and intellectual training for your imagination and language proficiency.

As learning poems by heart can improve memory, writing essays can help you look at familiar things from another perspective. Training of creativity will be more effective if you get feedback before the final edition of your essay. So, find someone to read your writing and provide you with constructive criticism.