There’s no doubt about it: technology and the internet have changed how consumers buy their fashion. Fashion industries have needed to adjust their business processes to fulfil this new demand.

So how exactly has online shopping redefined fashion?

There is More Focus on Sustainable Fashion

Any and all businesses should be focusing more on environmentally-friendly methods of operation. Online shopping has presented the opportunity to focus more on sustainable fashion options and find a way to produce fashion which has less of an impact on the environment.

Fashion has fast become one of the biggest impactors on the planet in terms of carbon footprint and pollution. Sustainable fashion therefore presents a way to still maintain fashion demands, but without negatively impacting the planet. Sustainable fashion is all about reducing the amount of water, chemicals and energy consumption, along with preventing any additions to landfills.

You Can Order Anything, Anywhere

Shopping for fashion items used to be about trawling through many – or every – shop in the hope of finding the item you need, and still running the risk of returning home empty handed. With online shopping, consumers can enter even a very specific search term into their web browser and be rewarded with abundant results for the very item they’re searching for.

No matter the item, whether it’s high-quality outerwear from, sale items in a specific price category or lavish formalwear, online shopping means you can find it all.

Easier Communication Between Consumers and Fashion Businesses

Consumers can now easily contact fashion retailers via online means. Gone are the days when you had to physically walk into a shop to speak to a representative as your only option to address a query. Businesses can now build a relationship with consumers through email, live chat and social media.

Not only that, but online statistics and behaviour of consumers provide a wealth of insight for fashion industries regarding what customers are most shopping for and their buying habits. This allows fashion retailers to better understand their customers through their shopping habits and their search terms.

Fashion Industries Have Needed to Adjust Their Marketing Plans

The best kind of marketing is now done online, with a wealth of new platforms such as social media available to fashion companies in order to better promote their brand. This means that fashion industries have needed to tailor their marketing plans to fit the online shopping market.

This doesn’t mean that fashion retailers should focus only on online marketing, however. Retailers can still reach out to their local consumers through traditional marketing methods, while reaching out on a more global scale through online methods, and should ideally do both.

Online Shopping Encourages Better Revenue for Many Countries

Online shopping opens up the fashion market to any buyer and seller across the world. The online marketplace is the perfect opportunity to increase visibility for certain retailers in certain countries, who otherwise might have struggled to push their products globally. This means a positive revenue stream for many countries across the world.

As online shopping means consumers can make a purchase any time of the day, the market never sleeps, which means a constant stream of positive revenue.