Check out our interview with model, actress, philanthropist & travel influencer Jasmine Dustin.

Jasmine can be seen in campaigns for brands such as D&G, Coca Cola, Neutrogena, Almay, W Hotels, Target, and many more. She was a recurring star in Emmy nominated TV show “Being Mary Jane” opposite Gabrielle Union for 4 years as well as many blockbusters including Iron Man 2.

Jasmine spends her time traveling the world creating content for brands and luxury hotels as well as helping the homeless with her charity Cause 4 Paws.

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How and when did you start into modeling?

I started doing pageants at the age of 6, which eventually led to modeling. I knew at a young age I always wanted to be a model. I did small jobs in NH and Boston and drove to NY a few times but my career as a fulltime model didn’t start until I graduated High school. By 3 suitcases were packed and I hoped on a plane to LA as soon as I graduated.

What is fun and rewarding about modeling? And what is not?

Modeling has given me the opportunity to travel the world, see new places, meet some amazing people and learn about so many different cultures. For the most part modeling over all these years has been a dream job.

The biggest downfall of the industry is the standards. I think young girls grow up looking at models in magazines and think thats the normal way they should look, but its not. Having to fit into a mold of being “perfect” is unhealthy.

The most important thing when you are shooting is?

To become a chameleon and morph into what the client is looking for. I think that’s why I was so successful in my career.

What’s your advice for the newer models?

Stay true to yourself. Don’t try and be the size 00, be yourself because that’s what clients want to see these days.

What’s next for Jasmine Dustin in 2021?

Well 2021 was a huge change for me. I packed up my house and my life of 20 years in LA and moved to South Carolina to start a life with my fiance and his children. We have been renovating a new home and living the southern life. Next up is planning our wedding

In five years from now, where do you see yourself and your career?

Oh my gosh, good question. Hopefully living beachside in Bali or Costa Rica with the family. Career wise I have NOOOO idea! I’d hope to still be creating content in some sense.

Now talking about Instagram, can you share some tips for keeping your account interesting?

Think outside the box, be creative and understand what your followers like to see on your account. I’ve always gravitated towards a colorful and creative feed. I know i’d grow to be
a much bigger account if I just shared everyday moments like most bloggers and influencers but I cant go against what I

I bet you get millions of it, but what are the best and worst Instagram DM pickup lines you received so far?

Oh god, there’s so many bad ones. Not sure where people come up with this nonsense..LOL!!!

-Im not a photographer but I can picture you and I together

What is your favorite healthy food?

A good green juice in the morning or a healthy avocado toast

And your favorite cheat food?

A big bowl of Carbonara or some greasy Chinese food

What is your own definition of happiness?

Being content with everything in life..even if it means the simple things.

How would your best friend describe you?

Caring, people pleaser but can be very closed off and hard to get to open up

How would you explain your fashion style and what items in your closet can you not be without?

Im not sure I could even put a name on my style seeing it changes all the time. Just like my love for music is all over the board so isn’t my love for fashion.

Items in my closet that I couldn’t live without are my black leather skinny pants, My frayed boyfriend jeans and my Valentino stilettos

What would be the dream holiday, and who would you go with?

I absolutely love Bali! By far my most favorite place in the world. Ive been to so many amazing locations that straight out of a dream but Bali has my heart. from the people, the food, the beaches, the culture..I just love it all.

Im hoping that things open up soon enough and I can bring my fiance to experience the beauty.

What do you like to watch on Tv?

I’m a binge watcher..anything that’s on Netflix that I can watch 5 episodes at a time on a Sunday night

What music do you like?

I love everything!!! I’ll go from country to rock to pop ..I love it all

Do you support any charity?

I have my own charity called cause4paws that takes care of the homeless and their animals. Im very passionate about helping the less fortunate

3 things you can’t leave home without?

Oh boy…lately it’s been my gallon water bottle filled with chlorophyll lemon water, my camera and of course my CC

Idea of a perfect Sunday?

Depends on if its Summer or Winter. If it’s Winter there’s nothing better than snuggling up on the couch, binge watching Netflix and eating thai food. If it’s a beautiful Summer day then i’d love to be on the boat, listening to music with friends and family drinking rose’.

Where we can follow you?

IG @jasminedustin

Tiktok @jasminedustin


Holiday Destination: Bali

Drink: Titos and water with 3 lemons

Celebrity Crush: Is it bad that I don’t have one

Sports Team: Patriots

Movie: Sweet November