Check out our interview with talented artist Donna Missal who just release her new album “Revel.”

Alongside the album Donna just released a stunning music video for the projects lead single “God Complex”. The song sees Donna exploring moody trip-hop sounds, delving deep into vulnerable emotions surrounding security and a sense of belonging.

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Donna Missal - God Complex (Official Music Video)

Hi Donna, please tell us a little about you?

I’m an artist, I’m obsessed with processing, growing, development. I love to cook and lay around, thinking and listening to podcasts. I have a cat his name is Frank.

Describe your sound in 3 words?

fluid, hot, sad

Who influenced you and why did you choose to make music?

My father and all of the women with big voices he had me listening to growing up like Aretha Franklin and Janis Joplin, and the profound and earnest storytellers I looked up to like Fiona Apple and Regina Spector who weren’t afraid of risk-taking in their music. I can’t remember a time in my life from very young until now that I wasn’t creating music.

Tell us about your new album “Revel”?”

It’s an album about processing pain and existential crisis by seeking enlightenment. It’s a collection of dance pop music to call on the catharsis of movement with lyrics that chronicle the messy and beautiful experience of seeking light.

Donna Missal

And about your new single “God Complex”?

God Complex is about frustration and disillusionment, ego and power dynamics. I had felt really trapped by systems that didn’t care about me or understand me and only perpetuated this sense of ego and identity that was feeling further and further away from who I am, what I really care about and what I want.

What’s the story behind the song?

It’s a song that was developed through the process of manipulating my voice, the chorus is a melody that I had written and sped up to 2x the speed to create this robotic and frantic feeling. It was written in studio with the producer Billboard during our second time making music together, and it was beautifully easy.

What is the most rewarding part of your work?

The process of creating out of thin air, just willing something to expand from a thought into an experiential thing that can be shared. watching myself grow and change from what I’ve learned and picked up and let go. how I evolve by absorbing and expelling. it’s really interesting to me.

What advice would you give to your younger self and why?

Care less about things that are out of your control especially how you are perceived, and be present. think presence is one of the hardest things and it takes a lot of practice and I wish I had gotten an earlier start so it came easier to me now.

What’s next for Donna Missal in 2023?

Promoting this album more than anything else I’ve made because for the first time in my career it belongs to me but also just not afraid of over doing it anymore. and planning tour. but that’s next year.

What is your own definition of happiness?

I have found so much more access to the state of happiness through having more understanding around my place in the universe and how I relate to my own existence and that sounds really heady and I’d love to explain it further for you but it’s really just a personal thing and I think if you get it you get it and if you don’t get it I’m excited for you to get it you know? I’d say I feel happiest when I’m in nature, when I’m on my phone less and when I’m sleeping regularly so there’s a science to this thing too.

Best advice ever given?

Something I’ve heard when I needed to and have passed along is that it’s really important and meaningful to try things, that failure is inherent to that process, and you will always be misunderstood and unrecognized by someone and they are usually those who never try themselves.

Do you support any charities, organizations, or causes/issues?

Yeah absolutely, specifically abortion rights organizations in the midst of the politicization of our bodily autonomy. Abortion Care Network is an organization for access to abortion. I’ve also done some work with Border Kindness who provide frontline care to children at the US/Mexico border, they are amazing.

What is you favorite song to belt out in the car/for karaoke?

Radiohead Fake Plastic Trees which I’ve covered on stage beforehand for this reason. so cathartic.



Photo Credit: Jasmine Rutledge @jasminerutledge