Life can be pretty hectic sometimes, and preparing a healthy, balanced meal in the midst of it all can seem challenging. Cooking healthy food can be time-consuming, expensive, and take some skill to prepare just right, and sometimes life just gets in the way.

Soylent is among the many meal replacement products that are meant to take out the hassle of preparing a meal but still staying healthy in the process. Most people couldn’t imagine replacing good tasting food with a bland, meal replacement shake, but there is a method to the madness. Here we are going to explore what the Soylent diet is and how people use it to improve their lifestyle or aid in weight loss.

What is Soylent?

According to the company, Soylent is advertised as a complete meal designed to provide maximum nutrition with minimal effort. The co-founders of the company came up with the idea to curb their unhealthy diets of freezer meals and fast food takeout. The main soylent products which are, Soylent ready-to-go drink, Soylent Cafe, and Soylent Powder provide 400 calories per serving and 20 percent of 25 distinct vitamins and minerals.

The ready-to-go drinks do a pretty good job of covering the macronutrients with the fat being at 21 grams, carbohydrates at 27 grams and protein at 20 grams. All of their products are considered legal and safe by the FDA and are vegan, plant-based, and non_GMO. It is also important to note that Soylent has never been advertised to replace all meals, but rather it should be a nutritious option during hectic days.

What is the Soylent Diet?

Soylent can mostly be described as a liquid diet, even though Soylent has never advertised themselves as a diet or weight loss aid. Many people across the US have started using Soylent for the purpose of losing weight and being a replacement for unhealthy foods. Using Soylent meal replacements in this way has resulted in creating a Soylent diet where you replace all of your meals and snacks with the drink.

How Does The Soylent Diet Work?

Throughout the Soylent diet, you consume all or most of your meals as Soylent until you reach a weight you are comfortable with or until you are satisfied with the diet. It is definitely possible to get all the nutrients you need by drinking Soylent since there are 400 calories and a good nutrient balance in each serving.

By drinking four bottles daily of Soylent, you will end up with 1,600 calories per day, and there is leniency to how much you want to consume. If you are still hungry, you are encouraged to drink until you are satisfied as well as if you are too full to finish the total 1,600 calories.

Soylent makes it inherently easier to track your calories, which makes it very convenient to stay on track and to keep people from overeating. The main reason for the Soylent diet in the first place is the ability to track calories, and the filling and satiating effect Soylent has on the people drinking it. People find it very difficult to mindlessly drink or overconsume Soylent because it is very satiating, but also because it is more bland tasting.