Guitar is not an instrument that is easy to learn. In fact, you can be surprised to find out that the guitarists that you also admire, are still studying and evolving, although they have been playing for a long time. This is because guitar learning is a process. You cannot know it and there will always be new things to learn. You can find the best online guitar lessons and see how you can start playing guitar.
Below, I will enumerate what I consider to be the most important mistakes made by guitarists when they want to learn to play guitar.
Learn the language of music
The first mistake many guitarists make is that they do not learn the language of music. You must learn the notes, the names of the notes, and where they are positioned all over the grill. Music is like a foreign language and if you do not learn to communicate properly, you will have long-term problems. After learning the name of the notes, you have to learn the ranks, learn how notes work together to create melodies and harmonies. For starters it is enough to start with the pentatonic range as it has only 5 notes and is not difficult to memorize.
Learn the agreements in all possible ways. It is important to know the major and minor forms and how to play them all over the grips. Learn to control free strings when you need them. As you move forward, you’re going to go over all sorts of agreements where you will have to fade the free strings to not interfere with the sound of the agreement. You will have to learn how to put your fingers in a relaxed way so you can play a relaxed arrangement.
Guitar playing is a process
If you want to play a song or a solo, you will have the tendency to force yourself and try to reproduce the passage at a speed as close as possible to the original speed. This is a big mistake as I said when introducing the article, guitar playing is a process. It takes time to form your digit, the sense of pace, speed and technique, the reproduction of that passage. It is vital that when you want to learn something at the guitar to start at a slow speed.
Learn to play with other people, along with radio or with a metronome. This way will teach you to synchronize yourself with other people and to develop your sense of rhythm.
Learn the ranges minor, major, the pentatonic ranges and begin to improvise. Improvisation itself is a skill that must be trained and which is getting better and better as you practice it. Learn to play the songs preferred, but careful. This is just one step to motivate to evolve. The ultimate goal is to start making your own songs. Like the improvised, and the compound is a skill in itself that trains over time. See more here.
If you want to play in a band, do not fall in the trap of thinking that you do not have to play well, that everything that matters is the feeling. Although the feeling has its role in interpreting one song, it’s important to play your passages relaxed and fair. The secret is to get to the level you make it easy to sing the passages that are difficult from a technical point of view. It also gives importance to rehearsals.
Even if you do not want to make a career in music but you want to have the experience of singing in a band, it is important to respect your colleagues. You do this by going with the piece learned and repeated. It’s frustrating when you sing in a band to step back on the spot because of the unerring colleagues who are playing for the whole band.
It is good to learn from as many sources as possible. Take lessons from guitarists, play with more advanced guitar players than you, make a circle of guitar passionate friends along with whom to practice. The best long-term method is to find a mentor to guide you. The mentor must be a person who has already traveled the way you want to.