Lucy Walsh, daughter of The Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh and niece of The Beatles’ Ringo Starr, is currently seen starring opposite Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Jason Sudeikis, Shay Mitchell and more in Garry Marshall’s newest holiday flick, “Mother’s Day”. Additionally, she was recently seen opposite her father in a guest role on the CBS thriller “Criminal Minds”, as well as popping up on the fan favorite, “NCIS”.

Hi Lucy please tell us a little about you?

I was born in Santa Barbara, into a musical family. My parents divorced when I was a kid, and my mom moved with me outside the city, where I had a very Bohemian upbringing. My dad came back into my life when I was a teenager. I was kept far away from the world of Hollywood and really knew nothing of the fame in my family.

How did you get started singing and acting?

My household was very musical, so we were always singing. Music and singing and the piano were always a part of my life. I had a big silver stereo and I would record myself telling stories and acting them out, using my brother and sister for the other characters and telling them what to say. I still have the recordings, its pretty funny. I would also watch the same movies over and over…Gone With The Wind and The Ten Commandments. I wanted to do what those women on screen were doing. I knew I wanted to act at a very young age. I’ve never not known what I was born to do.

Did you go to music or acting school?

I’ve trained with a private music teacher JOEL EWING for 15 years…studying classical piano, voice, written composition, and theory. He is a Juilliard music master and teaches pop, rock and opera singers alike. He doesn’t advertise, and the biggest stars take him on the road with them. He’s the master of masters, very tough. I went to a school for the arts as a child, and have always been in an acting class…I study with an absolute expert coach, GLORIA GIFFORD. So yes, I have always studied. Training is the key to everything, and there are no shortcuts. It’s not always glamorous, hardly. There are days when you just want to give up, like anything in life. But I don’t care.

Describe your sound in 3 words?

Any sound I might have is for you to describe

Who influenced you and why did you choose to make music?

Musicians that influenced me are vast…I was exposed to a lot. The harmonies of The Beach Boys, the passion of the James Gang, the heartbreaking warmth of Jim Croce, the cool of the Cars, the poetry of Cat Stevens, Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, and the world of classical, which is my love… Bach, Pachelbel, Mozart, George Winston and Loreena McKennitt. Film composers are Gods to me…I study them every day and can “name that score” like most people name pop songs. I love that game.

Do you ever get nervous?

Yes I get incredibly nervous before I perform. But I’ve learned what I need to do to get myself In The zone, it’s a discipline. That’s why rehearsal is everything. Preparation leaves no room for nerves.

“What’s it like having two of the greatest artists in music history (dad Joe Walsh and uncle Ringo Starr) as members of your family?”

The great part about having other artists in my family is that I have someone to talk to and connect with, who does the same thing as I do and knows what it’s like. Those men are champions and have taught me their incredible work ethic.

What is your next goal as a musician? Many things in music…I am getting into film composing myself, my dad, my uncle and I are working on some surprises together, and I’ve got about 200 pop songs I’ve never released. I’m going to put out a proper record and also an instrumental piano record.

How was it working with big names in the industry such as Maroon 5 and OneRepublic?”

It was a blast playing the biggest venues across America with Maroon 5. Those men have been very good to me, and I am a huge fan. Many crazy times on the road that I can’t even get into in this interview, but craziness! You must remember that touring is being in a bus with a bunch of boys!

“On the acting side, tell us about your character in “Mother’s Day”. What was it like working with such a talented and well-known cast?”

The character I play in Mother’s Day is opposite Jason Sudeikis, and her name is “Jody” after my real mom. In the movie she is trying to get Jason’s character to date again after losing his wife, and she’s got her work cut out for her. It was thrilling to work on that set, most of all to be directed by legendary Garry Marshall. Working with him was a goal on my career vision board, and I’ve done it!

Also, your song “Winter Coat” is on the films soundtrack, correct? Congratulations! How did they select your track?”

My song, “Winter Coat”, is in the film during a scene with Julia Roberts. It was a big surprise when they told they wanted to use it! I had given them several songs to choose from and, honestly, I didn’t know if any of them would make it into the movie. The song was written during a bad breakup (with a musician you should know) and it’s just amazing to have it in a film with Julia and the rest of the cast! You just never know where these things will end up.

Do you have any future plans on working on Tv again?

Yes, I have future plans for T.V. I have been on NCIS and Criminal Mind and  have some exciting things coming up soon! The world of television is very exciting to me. They are doing some incredible things with shows these days; it’s more cinematic. I would love to be on shows like Outlander, The Man In The High Castle and, of course, Downton Abbey.

What are the five things you can’t live without?

My books, Ron Howard’s movies, my piano, Amoeba Records and my Siamese cat.

What music we can find in your iPod?

On my iPod right NOW…Matt Monro, Tom Jones, William Fitzsimmons, Loreena McKennitt, the Great Gatsby soundtrack by Craig Armstrong.

Any loves, other than music and acting? 

Poetry, English and Scottish castles, history, hauntings, I collect books…old books. My oldest is from 1732. I’m obsessed with learning about historical events and discovering new books…it’s consuming!! There aren’t enough hours in a day.

Best advice ever given? 

Get busy taking care of other people, and the universe will get busy taking care of you.

Who is you’re role model? 

My role model is Angelina Jolie. She is smart, strong, a champion for others, doesn’t put any holds on herself, achieves so much professionally and has a beautiful family. She’s figured out how to have it all and she is a powerful example to other women.

How would you describe your fashion style?

With fashion, it’s about wearing what works for my body, so that the attention is on me and not the clothes. I like to keep it simple, solid colors, long lines. I’m short, so it’s important to understand how to make the most of that!

What do you think of Social Media?

I only use social media for work. I do not post personal pictures. I’m actually very private, and social media is a bore to me. I have too many things I want to discover and create to be wasting time browsing other people’s lives.

Where we can follow you?

Speaking of (haha)…you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @TheLucyWalsh… and on my Facebook fan page…Lucy Walsh. My music is available on iTunes.

Quote: “They are not long, the days of wine and roses. Out of a misty dream our path emerges for while, then closes, within a dream.” Ernest Dowson

Song: #1 CRUSH by Garbage

Movie: Amadeus

Travel destination: Hay-On-Wye, Wales

Food: Avocado

Sports Team: Whatever teams Garry Marshall loves!