Maintaining beauty can be a tough ordeal in the modern world. The amount of toxins in food and pollutants in our air makes it hard to stay natural at all times, but you don’t have to worry. Beauty tips to keep your skin and body feeling in its utmost best are plenty, and they are often really accessible too!

For your needs, you might want something that is more natural. Like mentioned just previously, there are wonderful options for you, and that is why you are here. Even alternative options suggested by the experts at Dominic Bray, can improve looks with the use of plastic surgery or facial resurfacing treatments. There are great solutions for your beauty needs and these should help you get that look and feeling you desire.

Drink More Water

Starting with an easy (if not obvious) tip – drink more water. Simply increasing the amount of hydration you get into your day to day life will vastly improve the quality of your internal feelings of healthiness, and the look of youthful skin. Lack of hydration has often been the culprit for feelings of sluggishness, which leads to over-exhaustion. How does it relate to beauty? Well, the lack of water means dry skin, which means dead skin cells. Drinking the doctor recommended 8 glasses of water a day is the simplest trick you can do for your beauty needs.

Try Laser Therapy

You might be thinking that laser therapy or resurfacing cannot possibly be a natural beauty tip, but you would be shocked to learn it does apply to the criteria. The laser used to help improve the look of your face actually used fractionated CO2, which is a naturally occurring gas, and it removes top layers of dead or old skin to unveil new collagen-rich dermal layers. The expert treatment of facial resurfacing, and how this relatively new treatment uses lasers to reduce aging is a surprising option too. While it might not appear natural, this process actually just removes the layers of your skin much like a scrub might, except it is done with lasers instead.

Consider Making an Oat Bath

Using natural ingredients from your kitchen can actually help your skin. Oatmeal or oats are great breakfast foods for your body, but the hidden benefits are that they provide great relief for your outward look. Oat baths are a new trend that has actually been around for quite some time. The protein and essential nutrients (vitamins) in oats are wonderful to help improve the feeling of new skin or help rejuvenate old skin. Likewise, oats are cheap, but you are in for a messy bath.

Use Coconut Oil and Butter

Coconuts are actually a superfood, which many people do not realize. This tropical fruit (not a nut, surprisingly) has benefits in the consumption of coconut water and the application of both oil and butter. These can be used topically for your skin to help alleviate dryness, and are very good for the overall health of your body. The moisturizing properties, along with the natural qualities, make it a formidable addition to your beauty routine. It is widely available and is very cheap. You can even cook with it too, which is probably something that cannot be said for many of the other options on this list.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Much like water, sleep should be a priority for improving your beauty. The properties of sleep are that you can re-energize yourself, and get rid of baggy eyes. Getting your 8 hours a night can go a long way in giving your body rest, which is a key factor to beauty. Dark circles, bags under the eyes, drooping eyelids can all be from a lack of sleep. Many people try copious amounts of creams to reverse the effects when they can just focus on getting a good night’s rest. It can be hard, and there are times when your work or home life gets hectic, but always remember to try and rest your body because your looks can suffer if you avoid sleep.

The ability to improve your beauty through supplements, creams and procedures are plenty – but maybe you are looking for something a little more natural. The good news is that there are a ton of options that you can use. The tips provided for you, here are excellent ways to help things like your skin, anti-aging, and general health like rest or hydration. The best part of these tips is that they are just a starting point for your natural beauty needs, and should help you achieve a feeling of improved health and looks, while staying true to your goal of keeping it simple.