Most people are familiar with the concept of our emotional and psychological health having an impact on our physical health, however, few of us are aware of just how deeply this effect can run. Studies have shown that poor emotional health and high levels of stress can contribute to a variety of physiological issues, including increased blood pressure, a higher risk of strokes and heart attacks, and a generally higher susceptibility to illness.

Type A Personalities

The traits that are commonly associated with type A personalities include a greater preoccupation with social status, and a more intense focus on their general accomplishments in life and self esteem. Type A personalities are often high achievers and efficient multitaskers, their primary focus is usually how they can achieve their goals and further their achievements.

However, type A personalities are also associated with a difficulty in processing failure, this can make certain situations far more stressful for this personality type than they need to be. In part because of the added stress, much of which type A personalities place upon themselves, they are more susceptible to developing heart problems later in life.

Type B Personalities

Type B personalities are very different to the type As and exhibit much more laid-back tendencies, choosing to live life at a slower pace. Type B personalities like to work slowly and carefully towards their goals rather than finding themselves in a constant battle against the clock. Type B personalities are more likely to be described as ‘introverted’ and are more reflective and introspective than their type A counterparts.

While type B personalities tend to be less susceptible to heart attacks and other issues arising from higher stress levels, sometimes their laid-back attitude can go too far and end up preventing them from achieving their objectives.

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How Does Emotional Health Affect Physical Health?

The exact mechanisms which underpin the connection between emotional and physical health are still not well understood, but we have established conclusively that such links do exist and that they are an often overlooked component of overall health.

In modern life there are more potential sources of stress than ever before and major events in our lives can trigger severe and unexpected bouts of psychological issues.
Prolonged bouts of depression have been correlated with a weakened immune system and a resulting susceptibility to infections and illness. In this way, both physical and psychological issues can feed into one another, while psychological conditions make an individual more susceptible to physical illness, physical illness in turn lowers the individual’s mood more generally.

Your personality type could have an impact on your overall mental and physical health. if you are looking to ensure your health in the long term it is important to pay attention to both components. Establishing which personality type you are will help you to know what direction you need to take in any changes you make to your lifestyle.