Professional Australian dancer Sharna Burgess works on the number one ABC television show, Dancing With The Stars, as a pro dancer and choreographer. Throughout Sharna’s competitive career, she has continued to collect numerous titles around the globe and appeared in a UK tour with the theatre show Simply Ballroom.  Shortly after, she went on a world tour with the hit dance sensation Burn The Floor for six years.  In 2009, Burn The Floor landed on Broadway with Sharna as one of the lead female dancers. Upon her departure from the theater, Sharna quickly made the transition to film and television. She has worked with A-list choreographers to fuse the hip-hop and Latin worlds together and even choreographed on the feature film Street Dance 2 3D.  This innovative unification created a whole new style and landed her on one of the biggest prime-time network television shows, Dancing With The Stars, after years of devotion, passion and perseverance to her artistry and craft.

When did you start dancing?

Age 5

Did you take dancing classes?

Yes!! I took many of them in all styles.

How did you get involved in DWTS?

They spotted me on Broadway in 2009 and were trying to get me ever since. August 2011 was the first time I was available.

What’s the best thing about DWTS?

I get to create on a beautiful stage all of the time. It’s a blessing to do what I love and getting to share it with the world is truly an honor.

Tell us about working/dancing with Andy Dick and Keyshawn Johnson?

They are two very different people. I adore both of them!!!

How is working with Noah Galloway?

Working with Noah is beautiful, inspiring, intense and rewarding. I wouldn’t change a single moment of our journey together.

What are some of the highlights of dancing with a celebrity partner?

It is rewarding to get to know them on a personal level. Sometimes the way the media portrays a person is nothing like who they really are. It has been beautiful making friends from all walks of life.

Which celebrities would you like to dance with in the future?

Hugh Jackman 😜

What do you feel just before hitting the stage?

I feel excitement, nerves and adrenaline!

Any advice for aspiring dancers?

Never give up on your dreams, no matter how crazy they are. BUT!! Don’t discount the importance of an education. One day you will need to make big decisions and knowledge is power.

What type of dance do you like best?

My favorite is contemporary.

Any message for the fans?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support. I never imagined I would end up on TV, let alone have the most amazing and dedicated fans a girl could ask for. You are all so special to me and I appreciate every single one of you.

Where can we follow you on social media?

Twitter: @sharnaburgess
Instagram: @sharnaburgess