Check our interview with talented Country music trio The SLVR Tongues.

After the debut of their first single, “Johnny Cash,” The SLVR Tongues hit the studio teaming up with Top 40 Billboard charting producer, Jordan Richman, creating their debut EP ‘Rough Around the Edges’, released April 7th, 2017. Their second single, “S-Class”, is currently a finalist in the 2017 International Songwriting Competition.

The SLVR Tongues (Hannah Huntley, James Lynch and Peter Erik) met at a Western bar on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California after a long night of karaoke. James immediately recognized Hannah natural talent and the two began writing soon after. Feeling the need for an extra instrumental punch, the band recruited Peter as the lead guitarist. Soon after, the pop-country group picked up and moved to the home of Country Music – Nashville, Tennessee, where they currently reside.

Tell us about your new single “S-Class”?

H- It’s like a twisted love song that hits so close to home for so many people. It’s all about that moment- giving into desire despite the complications that always arise in the aftermath…. who hasn’t been there before?

What were your influences for the EP, both musically and content-wise?

H- Stories… it’s always been about stories for us. We draw inspiration through our lives; whether it’s our own love and/or heartbreak or maybe something a friend is going through. We like to speak our mind and share our experiences.

The SLVR Tongues "S-Class”

Any loves other than music?

H- I am so incredibly close with my family, they all own a piece of my heart. That, and my current love affair with tequila… kidding…kind of. I love having some kind of physical outlet as well. For me, that’s boxing.

J- I love history. My dad has a doctorate in Medieval and Renaissance history, and I have definitely followed in his footsteps as far as my interest in the past. It’s fascinating to me.

P- cars, skiing, hunting, paramotor, partying diving, traveling, exploring.

Any advice for upcoming singers?

H- Never stop getting inspiration from music you listen to- other artists constantly expand my mind. Most importantly- PRACTICE!! Everyone gets nervous, but it feels so good to be up on stage knowing you know your stuff!

J- My personal journey as a singer has been defined by my training, technique, and my exploration of “what the voice can do.” However, that doesn’t mean you need 16 years of training and experience to be a good singer. Sometimes you just have something special. A great example of that is Hannah. Whether raw or polished, just find your truth, and sing it to the world.

P- learn from others and learn the difference between what’s good and almost good for an audience. A good singer delivers a show, a bad singer focuses on ego.

If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing?

H- I don’t think I could ever turn off the songwriter in me so am I allowed to say I’d be a songwriter? If not, I’d be cool with being a bartender somewhere tropical.

J- I’ve been an actor longer than I’ve even been a singer. I have years of training, and a decent resume under my belt. I’m confident that if I wasn’t singing, I’d be acting.

P- I’d probably be playing the guitar.

Your idea of a perfect Sunday is?

H- It always starts with overpriced coffee… if it’s a nice day I’d love to be on a lake with friends. If it’s cold and rainy I love watching movies or TV show marathons.

J- I love my alone time. A perfect Sunday for me consists of my bed, a lot of Netflix, and a pizza. It’s the simple things, right?

P- on a rainy Sunday it’s about cleaning up the mess you’ve created throughout the week. On a sunny Sunday it’s about not caring whatever you’ve done wrong.

How’s a normal day in your life?

H- I always try and laugh as much as I can, stay hydrated, exercise, eat well, and there’s a lot of group texts with family and friends.

J- Honestly, because the band lives together, a normal day is generally filled with band business. Writing, rehearsing, recording, filming SLVR SUNDAYS (a show we do on our YouTube channel), photo shoots, calls with our manager, doing interviews like these, eating peanut butter… you know, the essentials.

P- Breakfast for winners, go to the gym, lunch, run errands and try to feel important, meet friends & have fun in the evening. Focus on whatever makes you happy rather than what’s expected from you!

What we can expect of The SLVR Tongues in 2017?

H- More music and a lot more shows!

J- Expanding on Hannah’s answer, we are gonna try and hop on a tour or two for sure! There’s a lot in the works, and we love staying busy, and giving our fans as much content as we can.

P- Awesomeness!

Do you support any charities?

H- My family has been a longtime supporter of Homes for Wounded Warriors.

J- I worked with a charity for a while called Rock Against Trafficking. It’s a charity where a lot of musicians have come together to raise awareness and money to help combat sex trafficking around the world.

P- Yes but I always keep my donations confidential to make it more about the charity.

Where we can follow you?

H- You can find my personal accounts here- Instagram: @MissHannahHuntley / Snapchat: @Brewskie

J- Insta: @james_w_lynch / Snap: @jwlynch6

P- You can find us @TheSLVRTongues on all social media platforms! Instagram / Twitter / Facebook

You can find my personal account here- Instagram: @petersoederberg

Favorite Music:

H- I love Singer/Songwriter music, Americana, Country- old and new, Pop, Rock… anything that speaks to me
J- Metal. All of it.
P- Anything that’s thought through and not complicated. Everything from Ibiza house to jazz is a no-go for me.


H- “Wherever you stand, be the Soul of that place” – Rumi
J- “Normal people are just people you don’t know well enough.”
P- “Don’t argue with stupid people, they’ll bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience” – Oscar Wilde

Holiday Destination:

H- Home with my family
J- We just played a festival in Key West, FL… I wouldn’t mind going back there.
P- St Tropez, France


H- Sushi or BBQ
J- Pad Thai
P- Swedish, Thai or Italian


H- R+D Kitchen in Santa Monica
J- The Rainbow Bar and Grill
P- My own restaurant Strömma Krog outside of Stockholm


H- A really good Old Fashioned
J- Jameson on the rocks
P- Bloody Mary or Vodka soda

Celebrity Crush:

H- Ryan Reynolds…. he’s so funny!
J- Taylor Momsen
P- Silvio Berlusconi, what a legend!!!


H- Hardest question so far because I love so so so many songs. I’ll have to go with “A Long December” by The Counting Crows
J- “Bad Company” by Bad Company
P- Drops of Jupiter, Train

Sports Team:

H – College: University of Arizona (Go Wildcats!)
Baseball: Dodgers or Angels
Basketball: Lakers or Clippers
Hockey: Predators or Kings
Football: Titans or Rams

J- L.A. Kings

P- Formula 1: Scuderia Ferrari
Swedish hockey and soccer: Djurgårdens IF
NHL: Predators or Kings
Soccer: Chelsea


H- Pride + Prejudice
J- The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
P- Rush

Photo Credit: James Holm Photography