The outfit that you wear makes a statement of who you are and tells volumes about how you will be remembered. Sometimes, perfect jewelry is all you need to complete an outfit. Picking a piece of jewelry to go along with your outfit is easier said than done. Since there are many choices in custom jewelry stores, the process becomes even more daunting for most people. It all boils down to the nitty-gritty details of how you match your clothes and jewelry. Consider the three tips below to start upgrading your jewelry game.


When trying to coordinate your accessories and your outfit, it is important to ensure that the colors do not crash. For instance, if you are wearing white, black or any other neutrals, pieces of jewelry of any color will look coordinated. On the other hand, in case you have a colorful outfit, be careful with the colors that you pick. Try not to have more than three colors in your whole ensemble. Remember that the more the colors you have, the more congested and complicated the wedding will look. In fact, you could give a hit to some of the main guests in the wedding to give them an inspiration what they need to buy especially when getting some items such as the mother of the bride dresses.


When it comes to scaling, the main aim is getting an accessory that keeps an emphasis on your outfit. For instance, pick simple accessories in custom jewelry stores when you have patterned clothes. Additionally, have in mind the scale and shape of your body especially when picking handbags. If you are short, go for a purse with long straps. On the other hand, tall and slender ladies look best with slouchy, short bags. Having such ideas and sharing them with your guests will give them inspiration on what to wear to your wedding.

Avoid Dirty and Dingy Jewelry

Many are the times when people decide to ignore dirty jewelry or one that needs repair when they have good outfits. However, this will prevent your look from dazzling. In fact, dirty jewelry will steal all the attention from your clothes. For this reason, always ensure that both your jewelry and outfit are in perfect condition before you leave your house. Additionally, check to ensure that other decorations at the wedding will also be perfect. It will be hard to have a good wedding when some of the commodities that you are using seem not to be 100%.

Including jewelry to your outfit is a great way to add sophistication to your look. Additionally, a perfect combination of outfit and accessories is essential for confidence and success. This will also apply for other guests at the wedding to give them ideas on what to follow when buying things such as mother of the bride dresses. Use the above tips when visiting custom jewelry stores and dress to impress and ensure that you make your D-day worth to remember.