Ireland might be one of those countries that are best enjoyed when renting a car. In any travel, this is ideal for people that like creating own itineraries but it’s especially a bonus in Ireland as it’s a country with so many scenic and panoramic views, and having a private car gives the freedom for someone to choose when and where they want to stop.

In this article, the following tips must be taken into consideration when trying to rent a car in Ireland.

1. Research what is best for you

Don’t despair and settle for the first thing you see. It’s best to look for options for car rentals in advance of the trip to not make any last-minute decisions, which always end up not working out.

Thanks to the internet are so easy to look up car rental companies, so the options are limitless.

2. No GPS = No Worries

Why pay extra for a GPS that would probably be outdated and difficult to use? Nowadays it works better to get cell service to be able to use any online navigation app like Google Maps.

With this option, you will be able to use your phone to keep connected with family and friends while better planning the route for the day with an app that is always updated.

3. Prepare For Those Extra Charges

Some charges will be added to the final cost when renting a car, and this might include: credit card fee, taxes, credit card holds administration fee.

Still with these additional expenses the final cost of having a car during a road trip it’s not that high, and it’s worth it when you are driving and seeing the beautiful landscapes of the country at your own pace.

4. Don’t Forget About That Rental Car Insurance

Car insurance might be the most important thing to remember as car rental companies may charge a lot for not having one. Some Irish insurance companies like the AA Insurance might even cover some personal belongings losses. And they also have an unlimited windscreen, fire and theft covers.

Such benefits are an excellent option for travellers due to their price and what they offer. You can visit to compare car insurance quotes now and get the best insurance for your car rental.

5. Things To Remember

– There is no need to hire a big car as a small one is more than enough. Choosing “the mini” category is cheaper and it’s the best for navigating foreign roads.
– It’s totally fine to drive in Ireland with a U.S. driving license.

6. Not Convinced Yet?

There are a lot of benefits of having a rental car, look up pictures of the views of the roads. If the worries lay on the responsibility of driving a car in another country, this should not be a problem if a cheap car rental in Ireland is done, that doesn’t mean anything will happen, but it will calm the nerves.