Feeling happy is something all of us want. And while a large majority of people probably feel genuinely satisfied with life most of the time, there are others who struggle with feeling content. In fact, even those with high-paying jobs and solid relationships can find themselves not feeling their best. Fortunately, there are ways to feel more fulfilled in life and be happier in general.

Decrease Life Stressors

If there’s one thing that zaps happiness is feeling stressed, and one of the most significant causes of stress is financial issues. If this sounds all too familiar, you need to reevaluate your current situation. Identify what is causing your financial hardships. If it’s paying on high-interest credit cards, reach out to the issuer and ask about your options. If it’s paying on student loans that can be draining on your bank account, you should consider refinancing your loans. In many cases, refinancing your student loans can lower your interest rate and possibly lower your monthly rate as well. If you can’t help yourself when you go shopping, create a list and stick to it. Withdraw the exact amount of money you need before you get to the store. If you’re prone to overspending, you definitely want to leave your credit cards at home.

Look at Life Differently

How you see the world also impacts your level of happiness. Although there are times when being positive or feeling optimistic seems impossible, you can still try to see life differently. Instead of looking at the problem, search for solutions. what would make the situation better? Focusing on the negative rarely works out in anyone’s favor. However, when you work towards positive solutions, the issues might not seem as overwhelming.

Make New Friends

We get it that making friends isn’t easy, especially as you get older. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. There are plenty of people out there looking to expand their social circle and meet new friends. You can sign for local meet-up groups in your area, join exercise classes at the gym or enroll in a class to learn a new skill. There’s also no shortage of wholesome online groups you can join as well.

Learn How to Meditate

One of the hardest things to do is to slow down and appreciate the moment. Even if it’s for only five or 10 minutes, you should learn how to meditate and focus on just being in the moment. Clear your mind of everything that’s been stressing you out. Then, choose a focal point and let yourself do nothing but, well, focus. You can also choose a mantra if it helps. Over time, you can work towards meditating daily, either in the morning or evening.

Give More, Ask for Less

Life is funny that when you’re younger, receiving seems so much more important than receiving. However, as you get older, things change. The act of giving actually feels better than just receiving. The act of giving doesn’t always have to be monetary either. You can give your time to someone who needs help, or you can offer assistance to someone who can’t complete tasks on their own. The goal is learning how to give without expecting something in return.