Communication channels have to keep up with this turbo-speed life we are currently living, especially in the fiercely competitive world of business. If you run your own business, you know that lagging behind is not an option. Things like prompt customer service and timely deliveries made with clockwork precision are considered to be the standard level of service. So, with that in mind, tech gurus had to work on developing software and platforms that cater to this specific need for optimal responsiveness. One of the most popular of these technologies is business text messaging apps. However, unlike common social text apps, business ones have to have some essential features for them to do the job.

Below are 7 important features of a business text messaging app to bear in mind:


“Average” user-friendly that is. No matter what kind of business you are running, you have to cater to all sorts of customers. From the tech-savvy ones to the ones that still struggle with the idea of cellphones. As per experts at Messente, who are backed up with almost 20 years of experience as a specialized communications platform, a smart programming interface is one that helps people anywhere on the planet communicate quickly and efficiently. You want your text app to be a simple way to communicate with all your stakeholders. An efficient one can be used for internal communications as well as sharing business-related updates with all employees.


The issue of security is of utmost importance to all businesses. You cannot risk having hackers slipping into the trusted communication channel you are building with all of your stakeholders. Confidentiality cannot be defaulted on; when communicating with your employees and sharing important business information, you need to be assured that the text messaging app you are using is airtight secure and can be fully trusted.

3-Easy to Integrate

You want to facilitate the communication process for your stakeholders and make it accessible at all times. So, when choosing your text messaging app, you want to verify that it can be easily synced with all sorts of devices. Whether a laptop, phone or tablet, you want it to work effortlessly on all of these regardless of the operating software. The integration will also allow you to have your messaging app easily access your email address book for the prompt attention to any of your business needs.


A great messaging app is one that facilitates multiple functions like automated replies and alerts. This helps a manager sends auto-generated reminders to his employees prior to their weekly meeting, for example, without having to put it on his to-do list every Monday. Or, a salesperson on vacation can set auto-replies to his clients promising to get back to them once back in the office. Such efforts will have a positive impact on your clients and guarantee high-quality customer service.


When investing in a text messaging app, you will want it to have space for software upgrades and feature add-ons. Otherwise, it is not cost-efficient to have to replace your platforms whenever you want to add any enhancements. Not to mention with the inevitable software glitches, you want an app that is flexible enough to deal with multiple upgrades as needed without completely dying on you.


The capacity to add customized notes and information about each one of your clients is very helpful and will facilitate your business operations. You can categorize your contacts in order to address them easier when you want to do mass messaging. For example, you can send messages to your potential customers about exclusive sales for first-time transactions or information about a loyalty program specifically created for your existing customers. This feature is very versatile and will allow each business to create their own desired experience as they see fit.

7-Encourages Responsiveness

When needed, you want your messaging app to allow your clients to send their valuable input for the survey that you texted. At the same time, we all know how annoying spam messages can be, so, you want your customers to be able to refine the kind of communication they wish to receive from you. This will rightfully deem you a professional business that listens to what clients have to say.

You will want to go with a text messaging app that is affordable, but also efficient and scalable. As your business matures, it will be much easier to upgrade the messaging app to suit your new needs instead of looking for a replacement. When you are looking for a messaging app for your business, use the above features list to help you make the right decision.