Humans have been misusing resources since the industrial revolution, using fossil fuels and mass-producing unsustainable material. Moreover, we’ve been mishandling waste, especially plastic which endangers the environment and our cohabitants of wildlife and plant life. However, living a lifestyle that is eco-friendly benefits the environment, and benefits us.


A growing population means an increase in demand for energy, which increases prices for energy even further. However, setting up the house with energy-efficient systems might be costly at the beginning but will soon be earned back with how much it saves. Moreover, using eco-friendly building material is more durable and will last longer than other non-sustainable materials, it will also require less maintenance which makes it ideal if an individual wants to be cost-effective.

Managing your waste could save you a great deal of money, for example when it comes to food, throwing away food is more pricey than if you chose to adopt zero-waste behaviors. The environmentally aware people from advise you to become more aware of the items that you use daily. There are a variety of options and ways for you to do so while being environmentally aware. For example, combusting our food waste, and using it to grow our own food helps reduce costs spent, buying it from stores. Moreover, opting to use water filters instead of single-use water bottles helps reduce plastic waste and the cost it has on our pockets as well as on our environment. Additionally, by using cotton bags instead of plastic bags when grocery shopping helps to reduce the costs that are spent in disposing of trash.

Conserving Natural Resources

Plastic has been mass-produced since 1955, it is very inexpensive because of its flexibility, as it has multiple uses for everything under the sun, from Tupperware to cell phones. However, it proved to be a challenge to get rid of because it doesn’t decompose naturally in the environment, and just ends up piling up in landfills instead. Plastic’s inability to decompose poses a threat to the environment and wildlife. For instance, every piece of plastic ever made still exists today. Therefore, instead of producing more plastic, it is wiser to recycle the already existing plastics. Moreover, recycling paper and wood will save the trees. As cliche as this sounds, you can plant trees but you can’t replace rainforests or ancient woodlands once they’ve lost.

Feeling Healthier

By opting to use bikes or walking instead of using cars you’re already making a grand difference in your lifestyle. Make sure that you become more mindful when purchasing food by buying food from local sustainable farmers and only buying seasonal produce, which means lower shipping costs. Moreover, preparing our meals from scratch also contributes to us making healthy choices, as we are more aware of what we are adding to our meals instead of readymade meals that exist on our shelves. For example, by buying the raw ingredients of Thai Curry and preparing it at home is much better than using the readymade version in stores.

Behaving Ethically helps us Feel Good

When one does good things for other people, such as helping needy people, we feel good. However, the feeling doubles when it’s something for the whole planet. What’s more, not only do we feel good, but it also makes us mindful as we feel like we’re a part of something- not apart from it. Getting involved in eco-friendly activities gives a sense of purpose for individuals instead of pleasure-seeking and self-serving activities.

Reduce Harmful Emissions

Global warming is a threat that we are facing now, and an even more dangerous threat for future generations. We are already witnessing how it’s affecting our planet negatively. For example, the destruction of the great barrier reef, which is the world’s largest coral reef, is one of the devastating effects of global warming on the oceans.

Electrical appliances consume around 7,800 kilowatts/hour of electricity, plus some of them emit CFCs, a gas that is harmful to the ozone layer, and it is a type of greenhouse gas that traps ultraviolet rays. Therefore, when using appliances, remember to keep usage to a minimum, it helps reduce part of the greenhouse emissions. Plus, conserving energy is imperative, as electrical plants often rely on fossil fuels to produce energy, which in itself produces a different type of greenhouse emissions.

Now that you have some insight into the benefits of living a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle, you understand how it is really rewarding in many aspects, as it saves money and makes us healthier- both physically, and mentally. Additionally, it helps us feel that we are part of this earth rather than just mere users of its natural gifts. An eco lifestyle provides us with a sense of purpose that contributes to our overall well being.