Car accidents are traumatizing in many ways. You must deal with the fear and shock of the accident itself. The trauma of almost dying or being injured. Then, of course, the physical injury brought on by the accident.

It is sporadic that anyone properly walks away from a car accident. Except for small bumps in the parking lot that are more frustrating than damaging, serious accidents can result in lifelong consequences.

Knowing how to heal and bounce back is going to be essential if your injuries were severe. If you don’t take your recovery seriously, you might end up with lifelong disabilities because your body healed incorrectly. Following this guide isn’t a guarantee you will get back to 100%, but the steps outlined below will give your maximum flexibility and strength.

Hire a Lawyer ASAP

If you have been in an accident so horrible you were hospitalized, then the first step is to click here and hire a car accident attorney. There are a lot of legal processes, most notably collecting evidence that you will need to do for your case. If you are hospitalized, this makes such a step difficult, and then you will need to deal with the insurance provider’s negotiators and the police after the fact.

This is particularly important if you live in a shared-fault state, where the insurance providers of the other driver could argue to reduce your compensation substantially for a small error on your part, even though the other driver was the cause for the accident. A lawyer will collect evidence and handle the negotiations so that you can win the maximum compensation for your case.

Improve Your Diet

Now that you have a lawyer handling your case, it is time to focus on your recovery. Following doctor’s orders when you are in the hospital is simple enough but carrying through with your rehabilitation regimen at home is far more complicated.

To start, you will want to help your body, not give it extra complications to the process. If you can try to eat only homemade meals rather than food that is high in fat, sugar, salt, or preservatives that the body has a hard time breaking down. You want a nutrient-rich diet.

It is important to note, however, that you will want to make these changes slowly. If you ate poorly regularly suddenly switching to a healthy diet can be more stressful to your system than eating unhealthily.

Commit to Physical Therapy

If you want to recovery with full range of motion or at least improve your flexibility and strength as much as possible even with a disability, you will want to commit to physical therapy. If your insurance does not cover this, you will want to find a good option and bring it up with your lawyer, who will then work to include that cost into your compensation sum.

Deal with the Mental Trauma

PTSD is a common experience for those who have been in a horrific car accident. Some people will be more predisposed to PTSD, yes, but don’t assume that just because you have so far lived life with a good mental health that PTSD cannot develop following a near-death experience. If you struggle at all, even if it’s just overcoming a fear of driving again, seek out therapy.