Are you thinking of taking the plunge and purchasing a hot tub? A new hot tub can be a great addition to anyone’s home or yard. Regardless of your budget, space, or seasonal requirements, this article will be able to help you make an informed decision before making a purchase. Hot tubs will be great for unwinding, relieving stress, and entertaining guests. Don’t hesitate, read on and find out which hot tub will be right for you!

Number of Seats

The number of seats is a prime concern that you should factor in when deciding which hot tub to buy. If you are not intending it to be used by many people then you can definitely consider getting a smaller model with less seats to save money. However, if you plan on having many people use it at once then you should get a model with more seats. Maybe you have kids? There’s a good chance they will want to have friends use the hot tub. You should probably get a medium sized hot tub with the amount of seats that are right for you.

Number of Jets

The number of jets that are in your hot tub can vary dramatically depending on what kind of hot tub you get. Hot tubs that feature lots of powerful jets are known as ‘sports’ models, and can be used for intense massages following vigorous physical activity. They can also be used effectively for rehabilitation of muscle and joint related issues.

Number of Pumps

The number of pumps you have can change depending on the amount of jets you have and the size of your hot tub. Generally speaking, the bigger the hot tub and the more jets you have will necessitate more pumps to ensure there is proper water pressure available.

Filtration System Used

The type of filtration system that your hot tub can affect a lot of decisions such as where you place the hot tub. Some hot tubs have built in filtration systems, whereas others have filtration systems which are housed outside of the actual hot tub unit. Many portable hot tubs feature these outboard filtration systems. Generally hot tubs with higher quality filtration systems will last longer, but will also be more money to purchase from the onset. This can be offset by having less repairs over time though.

Overall size of the hot tub or spa

The size of your hot tub can be impacted a lot by your living situation. If you have the space you could get a large hot tub in your back yard with no issues at all. There are also options of things like inflatable hot tubs, which are discussed at length in the blog which addresses the pros and cons of different sizes and types of hot tubs. There should be an option that will fit within your size constraints as well as your budget, you just need to do the research to find it. Make sure to always measure your space so you have an idea of what size hot tubs to look for when shopping around. Take into consideration what you will be using your hot tub for. Getting a bigger hot tub can be an exciting opportunity for you and your friends or family.

Additional Features

There are a whole number of additional features that you can add to your hot tub depending on your wants and needs. As mentioned earlier, you can get sports packages which offer more jets. There are also external options available such as audio systems. If you plan to entertain guests than an audio feature can be an excellent choice. Lighting can also be added, to add cool colored water effects that can perform patterns and other light displays. Other features can include a waterfall, which can be refreshing and fun to include in your hot tub. Some additional features might not change your hot tub, but come in the form of extended warranties. If you are buying a quality hot tub it should function well, but purchasing an extended warranty means that any strange defects or issues won’t have you paying out of pocket for an expensive repair bill.

Hopefully this article has been helpful and informative regarding the practical aspects of hot tubs that you should consider before buying one. Hot tubs can be expensive, so make sure to do the proper research on your options to be sure you are getting the best value for your money. The internet can be a valuable source for collecting information on different hot tub types, and available features and do price comparisons. Happy hot tubbing!