It’s easy to get lost in the sea of everyday chaos and an “instant” kind of lifestyle. From food choices, work systems, and more, people always prefer what is convenient. Thus, the value of exercising and healthy eating is sacrificed for what is momentarily pleasant. If you’re suffering from the consequences of a sedentary or inactive lifestyle, you’re probably thinking of ways to shift the norm.

The real challenge to adapting to a healthy lifestyle is squeezing in the time for it. After all, healthy activities can take time away from other things in your schedule. The good thing is, we have gathered some tips to help you get started.

Walk more often

Instead of hailing a cab to go to work today, enjoy the scenery and walk. You can save a few dollars, get your nature fix, reduce carbon emissions and get your heart pumping. If going to work with a sweaty face doesn’t appeal to you, you can always walk home. When it comes to activities that don’t involve a gym membership, walking exercise is your first option. To add more challenge to your walking exercise, you can purchase a step counter and achieve a certain number of steps every day. When you’re feeling like an overachiever, add 1000 more steps before heading home.

Take the time to stand

Are you an office junkie who always faces a laptop and works the day away while seated? We know how you nodded your head in approval. If so, we urge you to stand while you work. With the help of your workplace management, they can purchase a stand-up desk for everyone’s use. A stand-up desk can help you create that report or an office file while standing up, helping you burn calories by the hour. If a stand-up desk isn’t available, take a five to ten-minute break every hour, stretch or walk around the office.

Have an exercise buddy

If you can afford it, there is room in your home, and your landlord doesn’t mind an additional furry occupant; rescue a dog from your local shelter. As experts would say, a bored and house-stuck dog is usually misbehaved and naughty. This is the reason why the owner must adapt to an active lifestyle. Having a pet dog will oblige you to take him for a walk every day. If you plan to take your dog for a walk at night, always wear cautionary apparel like reflective clothing to distinguish you both in the dark.

Regularly clean the house

Incorporate regular cleaning in your routine for an active and productive day. Without you realizing, various muscle groups are activated when you clean. From sweeping, mopping, or dragging the vacuum into the living room, your body is on the move when you regularly clean the house. What’s even more amazing is the fact that you come home every night to a clean and neat home that induces relaxation after a tiring day.

Cooking yourself a healthy meal

Choosing to eat home-cooked meals with organic ingredients drastically improves your health and burns calories. Aside from standing while preparing a meal, your body will thank you for eating healthy food instead of consuming more calories from take-out. The next time you plan to have a movie night, research a fun recipe to follow and spend a few minutes or more preparing it.

Staying home instead of drinking alcohol

We all know how alcohol consumption destroys the liver and other vital organs of the body. The best option is to reduce or eliminate alcohol intake. If you can’t handle going out socially without drinking, it’s a good idea to limit these outings. Especially when a drinking event seems to be repetitive and not following any occasion or celebration.

Taking small steps toward adapting to a healthy lifestyle is better than nothing at all. Follow these steps and share the goodness with your friends and family for a long and happy life.