The ‘Beard Envy’ is a widespread disease that has caught up with most of our men on the streets. This is because most of the people today worshipping beards, making men with little or no beard feel less of men. This is mainly for the marvelous transition they have on young men by enhancing their appearance and making them manlier.

Most men do not want to feel left out, and at the age of 20-30 years, you will bump into them with scummy growth pills, beard oils, or sprays. Unfortunately, some of these products will not only extort you but stagnate the growth of your whiskers. If you have the stubble, you should strive to make it more appealing to the eyes. Here are the methods to grow and maintain that perfect stubble you have been dreaming off from your teen years!

1. Exfoliate your skin

You ought to scrub your beard with a scrub or skin exfoliates, specially designed for men, for at least twice per week. The sole purpose of embracing this routine is to remove dead cells that inhibit the growth of new beards. Moreover, you can also try using an exfoliating mask as the product has been designed for this specific role.

Make sure that you apply this on your whole face for 20-30 minutes and later clean it off. Both the scrub and exfoliating mask work wonders for all types of skins.

2. Sleep and more exercises

Growing a beard is an initiative that has to be personal. If you have to improve on any part of your body, always watch your lifestyle. Many of us dismiss the fact that enough sleep is essential for human growth. As a man, ensure that you get a peaceful night’s sleep of 6-8 hours of sleep daily.

More hours of sleep help in releasing testosterone twice better than one who has 4 hours or less of sleep. In addition to this, you should work on the reduction of stress as it stimulates the production of a stress hormone called cortisol. The cortisol hormone is responsible for the decrease in testosterone. This eventually leads to weak hair shafts.

3. Eat the right foods

If you want that perfect goatee or sideburns, ensure that you take a balanced diet; food is a significant part of your life and should not be ignored. Regardless of what you eat, always ensure that your meal contains minerals and vitamins as they speed up the growth of your shafts. Your hair is made up of proteins; hence, the more reason to eat more foods containing these bodybuilding foods.

Nevertheless, you should increase your intake of fats and curbs as they speed up the production of testosterone and the ADH hormone. These hormones stimulate the growth of a healthy stubble. However, the critical rule is to choose animal protein over plant protein as they contain collagen protein that speeds up the growth of hair shafts.

4. Give time to your beards

Human beings are generally impatient; however, they should, at times, let nature take its course. When you leave your hair to grow, you might get surprised at how fast your shafts grow while not being watched. Allowing nature rule also means that you should not trim or shave your beards too early

The other reason why you should avoid trimming is that it may lead to the growth of ingrown hairs. Besides being painful, they might also block the pores and prevent further production of hairs. Nevertheless, you can avoid ingrown hairs by using the best stubble trimmers as they are designed to precisely trim short beards.

5. Drink more water

Is this a clich√© phrase to your ears? Well, we will remind you daily until you remember to hydrate your body religiously. You need to know that your beards need to stay hydrated for them to grow fuller and faster. Moreover, less water means that less blood flows to your face to ‘transport’ nutrients, minerals, and vitamins for your beard growth.

A stubble is very special to every man, especially with the enhancement of looks and the feel of masculinity. As long as you enforce the tips above, you can be sure of growing and maintaining healthy beards.